SAS Essentials Track

How SAS Thinks: SAS Basics I
Susan Slaughter
This presentation introduces SAS programming at the most basic level.
Topics include the structure of SAS data sets, DATA versus PROC steps, the DATA step’s built-in loop, character versus numeric data, SAS date values, and the various ways to run SAS programs and get data into SAS. By the end of this presentation you will have a clear idea of what SAS is and how you can use it.
Introduction to DATA Step Programming: SAS Basics II
Susan Slaughter
The DATA step is the workhorse of SAS. It has the flexibility of a regular
programming language but with SAS’s own unique built-in structure. Topics include assignment statements, functions, conditional logic, and subsetting and combining SAS data sets. This will be a quick overview of the endless ways you can use DATA steps to manipulate your data.
Introduction to SAS Procedures: SAS Basics III
Susan Slaughter
SAS procedures are the powerhouses of SAS. They are subroutines you can
use to perform tasks from the simple to the extremely complex. This presentation will focus on sorting and reporting. Procedures covered will include CONTENTS, SORT, PRINT, FREQ, and MEANS.